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  5. "That soda pop is black."

"That soda pop is black."

Translation:Tuo limonadi on mustaa.

July 8, 2020



wouldn't it be "limonadia"?


In most sentences, the subject is nominative, even if it's an uncountable mass noun. However, the adjective following on will be partitive if the subject's uncountable, but nominative if the subject's countable and singular.

I think the only partitive subjects used in this course are in existential and possessive sentences, where the sentences start with either the location or the possessor. Thus Täällä on limonadia and Minulla on limonadia.


If I understand correctly: "limonadi" is a mass noun. Am I right?


Yes. It's pretty safe to assume that any liquid substance is a mass noun.


What the hell is soda pop


Soda pop is a drink that's typically carbonated and flavored, and often caffeinated. Some synonyms are pop, coke, fizzy drink, soft drink, and soda. I think it might also be 'soda' in French.

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