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  5. "This tea is pretty hot."

"This tea is pretty hot."

Translation:Tämä tee on melko kuumaa.

July 8, 2020



I'm struggling to understand why in a sentence like this it's "kuumaa" and not simply "kuuma." Could someone please explain it to me?


Because liquids are uncountable nouns (as are rice, salt, gas, flour, etc.) and even if you can order at a restaurant "yksi tee, kiitos", it is actually abbreviation of "one cup of tea" and after it is served and you take a sip of it, you cannot say "tämä tee on melko kuuma." You must say "tämä tee on melko kuumaa." Even after you drink all of it while it's hot, you still say "tee oli (was) kuumaa."

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    oh thanks. uncountable nouns, numbers, quantities and actions which may or may not have completed ... vaikea mutta kiehtova. It does not help at all to take these into English and look for equivalents there.

    [deactivated user]

      Sorry I don't really know the answer but i checked here and found nothing relevant https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi

      But I found a site which had examples "Vesi on kylmää" and "Viini on kalista" which look the same, called these sentences 'Millaista / what kind of' situations , 'predicative complement', that's my working theory until an expert comments!


      Can I say ihan kuumaa?


      why not tosi kuumaa


      Because 'tosi' means 'really' and it's hotter than just 'melko kuumaa'.


      Pretty is a poor word choice, as British and American English will interpret how hot the tea is very differently. Maybe we need the hotness statements rated? Tosi is hotter than melko, but is melko less hot than unspecified?


      "rather", "fairly", and "quite" also work. Here's my attempt at a rating system. :)

      • erittäin extremely, really
      • todella/tosi really, very
      • hyvin very
      • aika pretty, quite
      • melko pretty, fairly
      • hieman slightly, a bit
      • vähän little, a tad


      Thank this is handy

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