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"Viisi onnellista kissaa seisoo lähellä."

Translation:Five happy cats are standing nearby.

July 8, 2020



near should also be accepted


Should it not be plural, seisovat?


Not in this case. I can't explain it in plain grammatical terms, but if the amount of a noun is given, the noun changes to partitive and the verb is singular.

The cats are standing - Kissat seisovat Five cats are standing - Viisi kissaa seisoo Some cats are standing - (Joitain) kissoja seisoo


"near" and "there" should be accepted for "nearby" in this context.


"Near" would be fine, but "there" should definitely not be accepted since it's a totally different thing.

"Lähellä" means "near", "nearby", "close", "close by", "nigh", and depending on the context can also be used to express e.g. "almost" or "just about". :)

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