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"Opiskelen englantia yliopistossa."

Translation:I study English at university.

July 8, 2020



Normally I should think there ought to be an article before "university", unless this is a British expression.


Yes, English speakers would always put an article before university.

I study at the university, I study at a university. At university just sounds weird.


I think "at university" is used in Britain, or at least in some parts of it.


Apparently it isn't all that straightforward in this case. It appears to be right not to use "the". Some good explanations here https://www.quora.co m/Which-is-correct-“at-the-university”-or-“at-university”


It is correct both ways. In my (western USA) dialect of English, we'd say "I study English at the university." That's the only way I'd ever say it. But, in some other dialects of English, they do say "I study English at university."


Can confirm. In Canadian English its more common to say "I study English at University" without the article.


Confirmed. My Brit friends studied "at university". Also, "in hospital" and "in future".

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