"He only brushed his teeth once a month."

Translation:Il ne se brossait les dents qu'une fois par mois.

July 8, 2020

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Why not Il se brossait les dents seulement une fois par mois?


That should also work. But I think Duo is trying to reinforce the pattern "ne...que" for only.


What worries me is how far can the negative adverb be from the 'ne'? Would "Il ne se brossait les petites dents en or qui sont situées à l'arrière de sa grande bouche qu'une fois par mois" work? DeepL and Reverso seem to think it would (not that I would trust them with such a sentence)


I have read sentences where ne and que are very far apart. It can be very confusing. I think the long sentence you made up works well. :)


I was correctet "ses dents" when I choose "les dents" from the possibilities- the correction should be as correcz as the possibilities are.


Does "ne se brossait " assume "les dents" sont "ses dents"?

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