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  5. "Millaista hattua etsit?"

"Millaista hattua etsit?"

Translation:What kind of hat are you looking for?

July 8, 2020



"What sort of hat..." should be allowed.


Yet here we are ... 8 months later ... :(


"type of hat" should be allowed, reported also with flag


Sort of hat is an equivalent answer. I will have to remember to shape my answers to Lord Duolingo's exacting and rigid standards.


We just have to keep reporting, I guess (I have, just now). But 8 months is an awfully long time to ignore perfectly ordinary / common synonyms - surely there's no dispute the likes of 'type' and 'sort' are valid translations of 'kind'?


I sympathise with Sulo-Eno. When I was at school in the '50-60's we would be 'hauled over the coals' if we had tried to end a sentence with a preposition. Nowadays, however, it might sound pedantic if we were to bring the 'for' to the start of the sentence. Personally, I do not mind being a little pedantic.

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