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Finnish music? Any recommendations?

I'm open to all genres :)

July 8, 2020



Here are some Finnish artists that I listen to (who sing in Finnish as well):

Eppu Normaali

Anssi Kela


Neljä Ruusua

Leevi and the Leavings



Kolmas Nainen

Juice Leskinen




Don Huonot


Zen Café

Hassisen Kone

Sielun Veljet


Rauli Badding Somerjoki


Ismo Alanko


Maj Karma

Olavi Uusivirta


So many of the ones I listen to as well! I could also add:


Pää Kii

Litku Klemetti


Teksti-TV 666 (been to their concert, hehe)

Mara Balls


Nykyaika (Helena is my favourite song of theirs)





Tapio Rautavaara

Also, knowing the songs Käy Muumilaaksoon and Tunteisiin is a must:D


If you like punk, alt rock and/or metal, then I'd recommend a band called Apulanta to you! They have been around since the 90s and they started with punk but they have been through many genres. I like their 90s stuff more but some of the newer stuff is also pretty good. That's currently one of the most succesful Finnish rock bands :) Here's a video from 2000: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AZpkj8TnxE


My Finnish indie faves: Paperi T, Ruusut, Vesta, Anna Järvinen (sings mostly in Swedish, but has an album in Finnish), Antti Autio, Eleanoora Rosenholm, Iisa, Itä-Hollola Installaatio, Kanerva, Karina, Knipi, Litku Klemetti, Maustetytöt, Pykäri, PÄÄ KII, Regina, Risto, Teksti-TV 666, Topi Saha, Ultramariini.

My Finnish pop faves: Chisu, Scandinavian Music Group, Johanna Kurkela, Irina, Katri Ylander, Olavi Uusivirta, Pariisin Kevät, PMMP, Vesala, Ultra Bra.

In no particular order! Some genre blending. Indie picks range from singer/songwriter to pop to punk.


ALSO I FORGOT LEEVI AND THE LEAVINGS! CLASSIC! I'm sure there are others I missed, but ah well.


My brother is fluent in Finnish, Spanish, and German. He listens to Teräsbetoni. Its a power metal band.


Teräsbetoni is the ultimate band for learners of Finnish. Their lyrics are so simple and predictable!

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I listen to a lot of old Finnish ballads; I really like Tapio Rautavaara's voice. The songs repeat the refrain so I learn some more Finnish. Another popular singer of that era was Olavi Virta.


Olavi Virta: Hopeinen kuu

Wikipedia (fi): Olavi Virta


That is the playlist I made over the time. Hope you like some of them! ;)


Finnish bands i listen to Generally the sing in english but sometimes in finnish Tarja turunen Children of bodom Korpiklaani Finntroll Sonata arctica Nightwish Battlelore


Nightwish was mentioned earlier, so I'll also recommend them! Some of their songs that are in Finnish include "Kuolema tekee taiteilijan" and "Taikatalvi". :)

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    I search the Finland Top 100 playlist on Apple Music and scroll over the finnish tracks (there's a lot of american music there) and I add the ones I like to my "Suomalainen räppi ja muut" playlist.

    Or in Deezer, i listen, add to playlist and fave the finnish tracks, the system then gives me more playlists with finnish artists and rinse and repeat.

    i like the rap/pop ones: Elastinen JVG Jenni Vartiainen BEHM (Can't listen to Tivolit on Apple Music :( ) Anna Abreu

    There are the "one-offs" (i like the track but don't follow the artist) too.


    if you like death/doom metal you might want to check Kuolemanlaakso


    Marko Hietala is a great musician, i highly recommend his latest solo album (Musta sydämen rovio - all finnish songs!) He is of course also known for playing the bass/vocals in Nightwish :)


    I have an extensive playlist of best Finnish pop music, iskelmä and Finnhits on Spotify. You can find it by typing Radio Suomi in the search.


    AND! As it will "soon" be christmas again, I'd hint to you my christmas playlists.

    Raskasta joulua is a collection of metal covers of christmas songs. This playlist is "very essential" as we Finns love metal music.

    Harrasta & Rauhallista Joulua is a collection of devout and peaceful christmas songs. Properly speaking, they are not necessarily "religious" but as (probably) most christmas songs, those in the playlist also has references to bible and Christ.


    I like Turmion Kätilöt, it's an industrial metal band.


    Turmion Kätilöt all day everyday they are amazing


    oh my god, I wanted to recommend them too! :D Ruoska is also a bit similar to TK


    If you're into classical music, the Lemminkainen Suite is based off of the story of Lemminkainen in the Kalevala (essentially a compilation of Finnish mythology and epics). The suite was created by Jean Sibelius (a Finnish composer), and he has a lot of other good songs/movements as well if you want to explore him further.


    Some pop songs I like:

    Behm - Hei Rakas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_FNd9iY9EE

    Ellinoora - Bäng Bäng Typerä Sydän https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP_WN40cCz0

    Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth - Päiväuni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0WeEixEJ8A

    Jenni Vartiainen - Made in Heaven https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu5EvyUnpyc

    Vilma Alina - Palasina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV3MhKzo1KE

    ABREU - Teipillä tai rakkaudella https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qhrJGb9saQ


    Best rock band is Eppu Normaali; Tasavallan Presidentti (prog rock); Piirpuake; Jukka Tolonen (fusion); Laika and the Cosmonauts (surf)

    Modern Folk stuff (Instrumental): JPP; Ottopasuuna; Troka; Maria Kalaniemi; Helsinki Mandoliners; Pirnales; Jarmo Rompanen

    Modern Folk stuff (with vocals): Värttinä; Gjallarhorn (vocals in both Swedish and Finnish); Hedningarna (early albums with the Finnish female singers); Me Naiset; Tallari; Koinurit; Wiime (Sami)


    The best rock band from Finland is Räjäyttäjät. Eppu Normaali used to be a mediocre new wave band that turned in to a horrible Dire Straits copy. Another great band is called Pää kii.

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    Here's a link to one--everyone will probably recognize the song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD-8oQuo4EI


    I really like listening to Rajaton. https://www.rajaton.net


    Anna Abreu is great for English speakers since most of her music is in English. I found and fell in love with several Finnish singers when they had clips from Vain Elämää - Kausi 2 on You Tube. Unfortunately it looks most of those were taken down, but you can still find all of the individual songs from it. If you like rap you definitely need to listen to Cheek and JVG has a great video with Anna Abreu in it. Also, who doesn't love the Finnish Raggae music of Jukka Poika?


    My favorite Finnish singers are:

    Sanni Abreu Benjamin Ellinoora


    Olesia Matakova (Олеся Матакова) – Missä muruseni on (Jenni Vartiainen cover)
    • Lyrics: Missä muruseni on


    Just discovered this Finnish Reggae playlist!
    Jee! Minä olen nyt iloinen ja tanssin!


    Saara Aalto & Guardia Nueva – Soi maininki hiljainen
    (sävel: Fridrich Bruk, sanat: Juha Vainio)


    Okra Playground, Puhti, Suistamon Sähkö, Anne-Mari Kivimäki


    I learned Finnish just by listening to Tauski. 5/5 would recommend.



    Finland has been my favourite country since I was a teen so this question is particularly dear to my heart :) I grew up obsessing about everything-Finnish and, of course, listening to Finnish music.

    Since Finland is very well-known as a country which produces the most rock/metal bands per capita, it is no secret my taste revolves around that kind of music (of course, with some 'lighter' exceptions because nobody is perfect, haha).

    My all-time favourite band is Apocalyptica, hence my [transformed] nickname. However, they play mostly instrumental music (cello rock/metal), only a few songs are with lyrics, and they usually are in English.

    Other Finnish rock/metal bands that I adore are Stam1na (FI), Mokoma (FI), Amorphis (EN), Amoral (EN), The 69 Eyes (EN), HIM (EN), Charon (EN), Poisonblack (EN), Uniklubi (FI), Kotiteollisuus (FI), Maj Karma (FI), Herra Ylppö ja Ihmiset (FI), Negative (EN), Nightwish (EN), etc (FI means most lyrics are in Finnish; EN means most lyrics are in English; the list is written in no particular order and can be expanded but my memory span is limited at the moment :D)

    Hope you'll find something for yourself, too!


    radiohelsinki.fi is a great radio station in Finland but streams online, great mix of international and Finnish music, with news interspersed in Finnish and DJs speaking Finnish, usually. Great to just have on in the background to get used to hearing Finnish!


    M favourite finnish Band are Poets of the Fall (in English). I can also recommend Korpiklaani.


    If you like pop music I recommend Jenni Vartiainen. The best one that I know is probably Ihmisten edessä.

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