"On se rencontrait dans ce parc, c'était romantique."

Translation:We used to meet at this park; it was romantic.

July 8, 2020

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In English can't we say 'to meet in this park'?


Isn't retrouvait a better word than rencontrait for repeated, planned meetings? I think of rencontrer as a first-time meeting, which can't be repeated. Am I right?


I think you're right. I hope a native Francophone can chime in.


I agree with the comments above: 'dans' means 'in' in all the other examples, and 'in' would make better sense too. 'at' would be correct if they met at the park GATES.


we used to meet each other in this park; it was romantic why is this wrong


au parc - at the park dans le parc - in the park ça, c'est mon histoire, et je me la tiens fort.


At the park suggests just outside the park, not in it.


Is that's romantic wrong ? and were meeting each other as well ?

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I think I am siding with Duo this time. How I understand things (and I am a learner as well) is that "that's romantic" seems to be present tense, whereas the French is passé simple. Also, "we were meeting" seems to indicate a one-off past event, so that would suggest a passé composé (on s'est rencontré) rather than a imperfait (on rencontrait) as in this particular sentence.

On the other hand, it would seem to me that the imperfait (for rencontrer) would be used in a sentence ``we were meeting in the parc, when it started to rain''. It's confusing sometimes.

Please vote down if this is all wrong.


Exactly! Duo is ridiculously strict in their particular translation!

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Should be "in this park" not "at this park". Duo needs to fix.


although literally correct better english is in the park not at the park.

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