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  5. "I have one green parakeet."

"I have one green parakeet."

Translation:Minulla on yksi vihreä undulaatti.

July 8, 2020



If "minulla" means "I have", what is "on" in this case?


That's not what "minulla" means. It's the Finnish word for "me" (which is "minä") conjugated into adessive case, which is something that English does not have and therefore adessive case cannot be translated into English in an entirely satisfactory way. It can correspond to various different English prepositions, but not in this instance. A noun or a pronoun in adessive case combined with the Finnish word for "be" carries the meaning that the thing with the adessive case on it has possession of the subject of the clause. And by the way, in the English sentence, the subject is "I", but the Finnish translation "minulla" is an adverbial since it grammatically functions like an expression of location, while "one green parakeet" is the object of the English sentence, but the Finnish translation "yksi vihreä undulaatti" is the subject.


So more literally it would translate like "One green parakeet is in my posession"?


More like "On me is one green parakeet".


Can we use yksi for other beings and things too?


If they are countable and in nominative case.


Yes but note that you should not use it to translate the article "a" (or "an"). Only use it if you want to stress the fact that there is just one thing (e.g. parakeet). "She/he has a green parakeet" translates to "hänellä on vihreä undulaatti".


Interestingly, my Finnish keyboard does not know undulaatti...


Is parakeet that popular in Finland?

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