"Seguono il loro padre."

Translation:They follow their father.

May 14, 2013

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I thought that you didn't use the article with family members? Mia sorella, not La mia sorella. Suo padre, not Il suo padre. Etc. Why not Seguono loro padre, then? Why is the "il" in front of loro?


From my old Italian grammar book (Carlo Graziano) I see this rule, I hope it helps.

The article is always used with the possessive adjective loro or Loro. Because these forms are invariable, the article allows for distinction of gender and number.

Lavoro con il loro fratello = I work with their brother

Viaggio con la loro zia = I travel with their aunt

Come stanno i Loro nonni? = how are your grandparents?


The article is always used with the possessive adjective loro or Loro. Because these forms are invariable, the article allows for distinction of gender and number.

This explanation seems specious to me. There isn’t any reason why the possessive adjective has to be inflected for gender or number — which it still isn’t when the article is added. Moreover, the article is dropped when loro is placed after the noun (“a casa loro”).


Actually I was under the impression that you only put the definite article if it's an object in the sentence, not a subject?????? For example "mio padre legge" is good but not "il mio padro legge". And then "seguono il loro padre" would be ok, but not "seguono loro padre" ? Someone comment, per favore!


Seguono loro padre is OK as well as imitate vostro padre as well as rispettate vostra madre. I'm italian.


I had not thought that different rules might apply for subjects / objects. Can anyone confirm please!


What is the meaning of "seguono" in this sentence? Only that they follow him going somewhere? Or can it mean they act like him? In (American) English, "He takes after his father" can mean he resembles him physically. Can seguire have this meaning in Italian?


That means that they follow his character, his deeds, etc. They see him as an example to follow.


Thats boring, create your own path


Why is it wrong in the other question: Io mangio il con mio marito?


From what I understand, an article (il/la) is only used with family members when it's plural or using "loro". As a side note: in the sentence you gave, "il" would not be used, but the word order is switched. I will modify it to lessen confusion. You would not say "io mangio il con mio cane", instead you would say "io mangio con il mio cane" It's also accepted to say "col mio cane" but it's considered a more antiquated/poetic form of speaking.


why is il loro padre and not loro padre? now what is the rule in this case?


After reading many comments, I concluded that in this case "padre" wasn't the subject, and hence an article (il padre) was added. Please correct me if I'm wrong...

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