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  5. "Bha an uinneag fosgailte."

"Bha an uinneag fosgailte."

Translation:The window was open.

July 8, 2020



Why no t before uinneag?


Interesting comparison with the Irish oscailte. Where did the 'f' come from?


Due to f- leniting to zero there are some ambiguous contexts where you can't see whether a word starts with f- or a vowel, such as uinneag fhosgailte 'an open window', dh'fhosgail mi an uinneag 'I opened the window', chan fhosgail mi an uinneag 'I won't open the window', nam bithinn air an uinneag fhosgladh 'if I had opened the window', etc. Sometimes a child learning the language will interpret such instances as containing a lenited (silent) initial f- and analogically introduce that sound to contexts where there is no lenition. This new situation can then become the norm, as has happened with fosgail. There are some words that have variants with and without f-, such as iolaire/fiolaire 'eagle' and eagal/feagal 'fear'

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