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  5. "Ketsuppi on loppu."

"Ketsuppi on loppu."

Translation:The ketchup is all gone.

July 8, 2020



Is the "all" necessary?... I guess I am asking for English at this point, while a more accurate translation would be "There's no more ketchup" as a native would say (I think, as English is not my native language), a literal translation as we are using here on duolingo wouldn't be "The kepchup is gone/over".

[deactivated user]

    The ketchup is gone or finnished is correct why is their this need for all gone


    I had to check what loppu means. I'm no expert in Finnish, but loppu is both a noun that means "conclusion, end" and an adverb as in this case. It seems to me that "There's no ketchup." should also be correct.


    Could " there is no ketchup left" be considered as a correct answer?


    I'm relatively new to Duolingo, but I've recently discovered that you can use the 'Report' button which appears on the results page to make alternative translation suggestions. BUT! How do you get back to that page in order to do so? When I saw your post I'd planned to make a report to suggest 2 alternatives of “The ketchup has run out” and “There is no ketchup left” (their "The ketchup is all gone" translation is a little clunky, at least to my English ear), but then was stumped when I couldn't find out how to report once you've left the page. I'd hoped that by clicking on the blue "Ketsuppi on loppu" at the top of this discussion page would take you there; it doesn't!


    "The ketchup is gone." This a valid ENGLISH translation. No different than "Ketchup är slut." in Swedish.

    [deactivated user]

      All gone or finnished?


      "the ketchup is finished" is good


      Not to the ears of this native English speaker, sorry. Even Duolingo's "all gone" is better than that and just about acceptable, but doesn't sound very authentic. To say “The ketchup has run out” or “There's no ketchup left” is much more natural-sounding. Personally I'd say "We're out of ketchup."


      Don't know about other English speakers, but I'd say "The ketchup has run out". Wasn't accepted :(


      The ketchup is "finished" is a more correct translation.


      This language sounds so cute


      Interesting change of meaning of the word "lop": Finnish: Juusto on loppu. = The cheese is gone. Hungarian: A sajtot ellopták. = The cheese is stolen. ... Related match : mämmi ~ nyami = yummi.


      ‘Catsup’ entered the English language in 1690. ‘Ketchup’, entered the English language in 1711.


      I don't think linguistic timelines have anything to do with whether or not a word is more or less appropriate in this day and age. I think perhaps 'catsup' has gone the way of 'omnibus' in most regions of the English-speaking world, with - as this article reports, a minority of Americans still using it. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/651086/best-sales-long-weekend-2021?utm_content=infinitescroll1


      "We're out of catsup" is what we'd say.


      I put "ketchup is all gone" and it was marked wrong

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