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  5. "Why is the milk over there?"

"Why is the milk over there?"

Translation:Miksi maito on tuolla?

July 8, 2020



why isn't it, "miksi maito tuolla on?"


Because that separates the copula from the subject.


Putting the verb at the end of the sentence like that sounds very unnatural for Finnish. Generally Finnish uses subject-verb-object although the order is pretty flexible compared to many other languages.


But yet, "Missä limonadi on?"


That's still QUESTION WORD - SUBJECT - VERB. There is no object etc.

If there was no "tuolla", the question would be "Missä maito on?", which again is QW - S - V. It's more about "tuolla" not coming between the subject and the predicate verb than the verb coming at the end - that's not the problem.


Why not "on tuossa"?


tuossa means right there (it is just out of arms reach) and tuolla means over there (like something being across the room) or at least that's how I understand the differences between the 2 words


how are we supposed to know if it is tuolla or toussa without knowing the context? i think both should be accepted when the context is not known!


No context is required because "over there" ought to be translated as "tuolla". "Tuossa" is more like "right there".

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