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Can you expand individual verb practice?

When I go into the vocabulary section for a verb lesson that I have completed, Duolingo allows me to "Practice" those individual verbs. But only two sentences! If you "practice" again, you may also get the same two sentences.

I don't know how hard it would be to implement, but an open practice session would be most useful. Let us practice until we want to quit.

Heart-wise & point- wise, these should be minor issue. Hearts need not be tracked at all, and Points need not be awarded unless you wanted to give 1 point for every correct answer, or even 1/2 or 1/4 point per answer.

For instance, I am NEVER going to learn "piaccere" (in Italian) properly if I only ever see the same three or four sentences for it. I can (I have) memorize the correct answers but that isn't learning. It is memorizing.

May 14, 2013

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I am new to duolingo and LOVE it because of how it is stuctured and because of the GRAMMAR!!

I was in your shoes immediately and what I did was make conjugation flash cards with ANKI which is for FREE. (I am not spamming or affiliated in any commercial way with ANKI)

Anki is a fantastic Flash Card Program that times your flashcard reviews and keeps track of what information you know and don't know (please read about it at ANKI site for its fantasticness in depth)

I make FlashCards from all of my Duolingo lessons with Anki and the two combined are a powerhouse for learning.

Just copy and paste from your "Conjugation Table" to your Flash Card Program OR I type each Card as this adds to my firmly learning it.

Hope this helps!


PS-I learned about Anki FlashCard Software from Med Student Forums and Language Forums.

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