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  5. "Uh-oh, is he late again?"

"Uh-oh, is he late again?"

Translation:Voi voi, onko hän taas myöhässä?

July 8, 2020



No one ever uses voi voi. I've lived in finland my whole life and haven't heard anyone ever use that. Voi ei (oh no) is a lot more common, and used for situations like this


yeah, voi voi is rarely used seriously. a lot of people use it ironically or mockingly though


Yeah, that sounds more like something that would be written in books etc. but no one says that in the spoken language. I myself often say "Oivoi" instead, or even "Oivoivoi" :D But that's more of... well, voivottelua and keeping noise rather than actual words :D (And now my Finnish brain can't remember if 'to keep noise' is even proper English or if I just translated a Finnish saying...)


I mostly hear people saying "voi voi" to young children and pets.


Seriously? It should be "voi voi" instead of "oho" for "uh-oh". I thought this course graduated from beta...

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