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  5. "I have a parakeet."

"I have a parakeet."

Translation:Minulla on undulaatti.

July 8, 2020



why is 'on' used in this sentence? I thought it would be Minulla undulaatti.


Having something in Finnish requires using a special possessive structure. The verb is always on (or oli in the past tense), but you have to remember to have the personal pronoun or the proper name in the adessive form, the one with the lla or llä ending.

Minulla on - I have

Sinulla on - You have

Hänellä on - He or she has

Meillä on - We have

Teillä on - You have

Heillä on - They have

Here's what happens if you forget the adessive ending:

Jussilla on koira. - Jussi has a dog.

Jussi on koira. - Jussi is a dog.


Not a word I knew in English and not one of the first I would choose to learn in Finnish :D

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