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  5. "Voi ei, auto on rikki!"

"Voi ei, auto on rikki!"

Translation:Oh no, the car is broken!

July 8, 2020



I feel like in English people usually say that a car is "broken down," but apparently in Finnish that is a separate but related word, "rikkinäinen," where "-nainen" refers to the structure of the something.


Why it's mandatory to use "the car" and not just "car"?


In English you generally need an article. Usually when you would use this sentence, you would mean a specific car.


Cars can break down (if it's engine-related) and they can be damaged (if it's body-related), but they don't "break". Saying that the car is broken is just as semantically nonsensical as saying that the table is bent or the mailbox is felted.


Why is automobile not accepted?

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