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  5. "Best wishes! Cheers!"

"Best wishes! Cheers!"

Translation:Paljon onnea! Kippis!

July 8, 2020



I don't think "Best wishes" is the best translation for "Paljon onnea". "Congratulations" would be better.


I agree. "Best wishes" would be closer to "kaikkea hyvää" as to express hope for someone's future happiness. Definitely "congratulations" as a translation for "paljon onnea" meaning that you are praising someone for their achievement.


Well, then this should be reported to correct this. Congratulations and best wishes are two very different things.


"Paljon onnea! Kippis!" is two separate sentences, whereas the answer is given in all lower case. One or the other, programmers.


Again, you have two SEPARATE sentences in English to translate into a single sentence in Finnish. We are not yet at the level of learning nuances, just phrases.

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