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  5. "Kanada on pohjoinen maa."

"Kanada on pohjoinen maa."

Translation:Canada is a northern country.

July 8, 2020



So, why is this one not in partitive, since Canada is not all of the northern countries?


Because Canada is one entire thing and "maa" (when it means "country") is not a mass noun.


We would use the partitive if we changed the meaning to "Canada is one of the northern countries": Kanada on yksi pohjoisista maista. In that case we're talking about Canada being part of a whole (it is one part of all of the northern countries) and we do need to use the partitive case. But when we're just talking about one northern country, as we are in the original sentence, it is the whole thing, so no partitive case.


Actually 'pohjoisista maista' is in elative case. Partitive plural would be 'pohjoisia maita'.


You guys make my brain hurt. I just want to speak Finnish, not argue about grammatical cases.

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