"Les étudiants traduisent un roman historique."

Translation:The students are translating a historical novel.

July 8, 2020

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An historical


Reading these and other comments, I used to wonder if it were something you simply never heard in the US. Whereas I heard "an historic ..." the other day on the radio in the UK. But clearly that’s not the case.

The bonus is, it's easier to pronounce with "an". Our own version of the elision!


I speak American English. I and people around me say "an historical...".


I’ve edited my comment following yours - thanks for the information !


As already stated, “an historical novel”


an historical novel. like an hotel


"an historical" is also correct in the United States, and used here.


Ah the irony of Duolingo saying "You have a typo." to my answer of "an historic".

  • just as in French, there are words where the 'h' is silent.

  • in those silent cases, the indefinite article 'an' is the grammatically correct one in English, and ...

  • just as in French, there's a subtle liaison that links the words

So, Duo, if you're going to expect me to get it right in French, I'm going to expect you to get it right in English. ಠ‿↼


Duolingo is using the correct form in American English, since this is an American website. We do pronounce a lot of our Hs and Rs. Sorry if that offends. We're really not trying to offend anyone, just talking the way we talk.


A few things ... I am an American, and quite aware that Duolingo is American and favors our usage patterns. (In fact, according to Duome, I've been here about 4 years longer than you.)

While 'a historic' is common, it isn't universal. The stress on letters beginning with 'h' used to be placed differently, which influenced the 'a vs an' style guidance. That's how I learned in school, more years ago than I'd like to admit. So, I'm afraid your statement "...just the way we talk." isn't quite accurate. Nevertheless, it doesn't offend me.

And finally, you may not have noticed the wink emoji at the end of my post. I was poking a little fun at Duo for it's well-known habit of being pedantic and (understandably) incapable of covering all the variations of a language.


(Oops, you meant, its.) Actually, many of the Duo sites readily add to the wide variety of possible correct answers. That is what Report is for. We can always argue which Duo should recommend first!
Btw, you may have noticed the french love to pick on the grammar and spelling of each other, in online comment threads.


I'm American, and was always taught to say/write "an historical..." - NOT "a". We don't say "a historical". This is all on Duolingo. Not Americans.


But Duo claims to, and often does, accept UK English and no doubt is happy to receive payments from British clients. American English does indeed offend some Brits (and Australians, Canadians, ...). Just read these discussions! I believe most people come to this site to learn French, not American.


Reply to Dani: Oh? As in "a hour?" Colloquial speech, "a historical" but not written. Old hang over from "correct grammatical usage. "


In good English, one should use 'an' before words beginning with an 'h'.


It should be 'an' not 'a'.


What an 'orrible day I'm 'aving


No, Duolingo, I don't have a "typo" when I say "an historical novel". It's correct grammatical usage! ................. "Typo"? Horrible abbreviation........


This narrator’s articulation is quite imprecise. This monotone voice in the alto range lacks musicality and color that, in turn, will dampen the crispness of the dialogue.


Regardless of what people may say I think it is better to stick to the grammatically correct "an historical"

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