"Tes parents nous attendraient pour le dîner ?"

Translation:Would your parents wait for us for dinner?

July 8, 2020

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Would your parents be waiting for us for dinner?


"Would your parents be expecting us for dinner ?" Can 'attendre' in this sentence also mean 'expect'


It is my understanding that "attendre" all on its lonesome cannot mean "to expect." However, "s'attendre à" can mean "to expect."

"Tes parents s'attendraient à nous pour le diner?"


This is not a great sentence in English and I can think of 2 possible meanings.


If you have an opinion, please express it rather than hinting about it. What's wrong with the sentence? What are its two meanings? What can be done to fix it?


Without further context, "Would your parents wait for us to have dinner?" could mean: we want to have dinner first, before doing whatever we're going to do with your parents.


Again, here the conditional could be if not should be, "will" instead of "would".


Again, how the heck are we supposed to translate the conditional as the future? I have never read this theory in a French textbook. Can you explain it further?


Roody, it is not in a French textbook because here we are translating the conditional in French into English. Therefore we use rules for English grammar where this is the first conditional and uses "will".

See https://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/conditionals.html for the types of conditionals in English.


Very good point and well documented. Nevertheless, if I heard this sentence using "will" in my mind I would take it as future tense. (And I do understand the usage of first conditional.)


would your parents wait for dinner for us


Another garbage Duo answer


"Would your parents wait for us at dinner?". ???


what about Would your relatives wait for us for dinner?


Would your parents wait for dinner with us


I answered "would your relatives wait for us for dinner" just to see what would happen and it was wrong..Any idea why? Since parents can mean both. I figured it meant parents but technically it wasn't wrong, was it?

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