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"Ne perdez pas votre temps, vous avez du boulot !"

Translation:Don't waste your time; you have work!

July 9, 2020



The English sentence sounds weird. I can't bring myself to say "You have work!" without adding "to do!"

: You have work to do!


This is a sentence in the imperative mood-it's my understanding-I give DUO a good grade.


------- i thought boulot was a job ?

Big 8 jul 20


It is. In this sentence "work" is the most likely English translation. "don't waste your time, you have work to do." But I think it would convey the same idea if you said "don't waste your time, you have a job to do." (J'ai du boulot = I have work to do, or I have a job to do)

Also, if you got the reverse translation, I think it should accept "travail" as well as "boulot".

I gather that "travail" is more standard in French than boulot, just as "work" is more standard in English than job. But they are probably interchangeable. (Maybe it also depends upon register.)


I was correct word for word, albeit without the semicolon and told I was wrong. Reported of course but that's a bit rich!


Boulot = JOB as well as WORK Duo.



should accept job as well as work


Duo, correct English translation is:
"Do not waste your time; you have work to do".


Don't waste time you have your work; should also be accepted thanks Duo!


Do you think 'you are at work' should be accepted


If you add "to do" which of seems you must in American English at least it is marked incorrect.


Ah capitalism. Work until you shrivel and die, you stinking proles. (But don't forget to buy stuff--lots of stuff.)

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