"Je vous écoute, quel est votre problème ?"

Translation:I'm listening, what is your problem?

July 9, 2020

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Couldn't this also be translated as: "I'm listening to you..."


Yes but I think in English we generally drop the you

However I'm in favor of translating in a more direct way where possible so as to remember how francophones speak.


Not sure what the context is, but the direct translation comes off as a bit rude in American English. If it's a personal call, I'd ask, "What's wrong?" If for business, I'd say, "How can I help you?"


It does come off a bit rude. I agree with your alternatives. It sounds as rude as "speak to me". However, it seems to be a standard French phrase and we must think in French.


Frasier en francais


"...what is the problem?" sounds better if one is really "listening"


This has come up in a different exercise. The "to you" is implied, so it's unnecessary to translate. Having said that, I don't see why DL would mark it wrong if it was included, but then I'm not them...

I think that "je vous écoute" is the standard phrase in France (I am just guessing, but it fits ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ). It's better for us to use the English phrase so we'll remember the French one more easily. It might even come in handy for visits to France! Though should a French speaker/resident know different, please explain. Thanks!

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yes ... "je vous écoute" is a standard phrase in France, but "quel est votre problème' can be rude. ... the context ! we would say also : "comment puis-je vous aider?"


Not sure why this is supposedly a new word. We had écouter ages ago. I remember all the listening to the radio sentences.


Je vous écoute means I am listening to you ....Why not 'you' is used here

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