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"Ik ga naar de bank op de hoek."

Translation:I am going to the bank on the corner.

August 6, 2014



just realized that "bank" can also mean "bench." do you just have to figure out which one is correct based on the context?


That's right. But unless you have severe problems with walking or you twitter too much naar de bank gaan/lopen usually means the financial institution, op de bank zitten is even more straight forward, but a tricky one is ik werk op de bank this can mean both working at the bank (financial institution) and working on your couch at home (that's the one you usually call de bank).


You call them both "de bank," this really makes no difference.


makes sense. thank you!


I accidentally wrote "couch" a few questions ago and only after it said I was correct I realised that I was supposed to answer "bank..." The only reason I knew this is because I'm Dutch if you're wondering.


Shouldn't 'in' the corner, be accepted too?


No, in that case you would also use in in Dutch.


I don't understand. What does on the corner mean? Does it mean that it's actually on the corner of a geometrical figure of a sort or something like that? If you mean you need to turn to get to the bank why is it not around the corner? Because that isn't accepted


Every 2 crossing streets form 4 corners of buildings blocks. 'On the corner' means on one of that corners.


Or rather by the corner or at the corner. How is the bank on the corner? Different English i guess!


Just out of curiousity, what does Leeuwenhoek mean? It's the last name of a guy who did something with cells


According to Google Translate it means 'lion's corner'. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is generally considered the father of microbiology. You're right -- using his own microscopes he described different types of unicellular organisms and cells such as red blood cells and muscle fibres. He's buried in the Oude Kerk in Delft. We visited there last year, not knowing he was buried there, and found his grave. As someone who used to be a microbiologist, I found myself really moved...


Why can't I say "I go to the bank on the corner"? (usually) The form with "aan het" wasn't used.

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