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"It's clear that this store is expensive."

Translation:C'est clair que ce magasin est cher.

July 9, 2020



"C'est clair que ce magasin-ci est cher" What is wrong with this answer?

  • 2016

Same question! Anyone have a suggested reason why this was marked wrong?


Looks to me like it should be accepted. https://www.lawlessfrench.com/vocabulary/suffix-ci/ Have you reported it?


i don't know that it should be incorrect, but you're missing the point of the form. the lawless poster is making an assumption out of context, which they should include, that there is another to compare with. when there isn't ce is sufficient.

here there is no opposite to it; no context for it. where is 'ce magasin-là'? that's the reason these forms exist--to differentiate between one and another.
"ce magasin-ci est cher mais ce magasin-là vend les mêmes marques et n'est pas cher.

lawless is a very useful site.


Again, what is wrong with: "C'est clair que ce magasin-ci est cher. Duo has spent recent lessons stressing ce + noun-ci and ce + noun-celle. Then when we use it within the same set of lessons, it is marked wrong. If it is indeed wrong we need an explanation. If not, the context in the given sentence is not clear (ie: it could perhaps be - 'ce magasin-là) and it should be accepted.


did you read the explanation given above?

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