"It's clear that I'm getting this pair of pants."

Translation:C'est clair que je prends ce pantalon-ci.

July 9, 2020

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was there an explanation in the tips regarding "la" and "ci" coming after the noun? I must have missed it. Why? How? What???


Hard to grasp but I'm taking it as kind of along the lines of "these pants here" vs "those pants there", which is a mouthful and I'm not sure quite fits but it seems to be that it can't truly translate anyway because English doesn't properly work with it.


There weren't any explanations other than memorizing it as how it is.


is this not a better translation: C'est clair que je prends cette paire de pantalon


Pantalon means a pair of pants (trousers.) I'm not sure if you can say paire de pantalon(s) but if you can it would mean two pairs of pants.


Ce and ci seems to be saying "this" twice ??


no. this form of 'ci' is short for 'ici' (here) thus 'ce...ci'=this/these. 'ce...là'=that/those. (là means 'there'.)


Okay, I know this lesson is about specifying "ci" and "là." But isn't this a correct translation also. To wit: "C'est clair que je reçois cette paire de pantalon"?

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