"The queen sleeps in a palace, not at a campground."

Translation:La reine dort dans un palais, pas dans un camping.

July 9, 2020

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Is the second dans really necessary?


Yes. It may not be necessary in english but it is in french


j'avais l'impression que << dans > sous-entend des endroits intérieurs alors qu << au > fait autant avec des endroits extérieurs [ des règles de base pour ainsi dire ]. J'aurais donc pensé que << non pas au camping > aurait bel et bien marché mais qui suis-je ? Héhé.
I was under the impression that "dans" implied but did not designate inside places whereas "au" did the same with outside places. I would have thought << non pas au camping > could've been just fine.


Why is ne not used?


Because there is no verb to bracket between "ne" and "pas".


Why not 'pas au camping'?


au = à le = at the. But the sentence says "a campground" so "le" isn't appropriate. But also in french they use the preposition "in" when you're in the place where you would pitch a tent. Actually even in English I would use "in" too in this sentence so the "at" here sounds weird to me. Maybe it's an american phrasing


The phrasing is awkward in American English, too. The dissonance is that she sleeps in a tent (or doesn't because she's at the palace), but the hypothetical tent is pitched at a campground, so "at" sounds wrong after "sleeps", but "in" sounds wrong before "campground". Pick your poison.

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