"Can you help me tie my dress on my back?"

Translation:Tu peux m'aider à attacher ma robe dans le dos ?

July 9, 2020

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Why not sur mon dos?


In Englishayou wouldn't say"tie my dress on my back" unless for some strange reason you were attaching it to your back. You withdraw say "in the back"


Even more likely, 'at the back' or, better yet, 'tie/fasten the back of my dress'.


I would have corrected this even further, to 'Do it up at the back' - because a tie-belt would be relatively easy compared with a zip or buttons. But that might be too far from the original.


Why not peux tu m'aider


It should accept "peux-tu m'aider". The hyphens are important.


pouvez-vous m'aider à attacher ma robe à le dos

I don't understand the use of "dans" in this sentence "à le dos" seems to make sense


Even if à were the correct preposition, you can never say à le. It must always be contracted to au.


Tu m'aides à attacher ma robe dans le dos should be accepted, given that in this same lesson we have:

Can you help me tie some of it around the presents?
Translation: Tu m'aides à en attacher autour des cadeaux ?

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