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"Celles de ce magasin sont beaucoup plus chères."

Translation:The ones from this store are a lot more expensive.

July 9, 2020


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"celles" is for plural feminine. Why does it fit here as opposed to "ceux"?


The objects that are more expensive are feminine gender, hence the use of celles. If they were male, it would be ceux. We don't actually know what the objects are in this case, so it could well be either if you were translating from English. See https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/demonstrative-pronouns/


those from this store are a lot more expensive...what is wrong?


Nothing, except that the list of acceptable variants is too short. Keep reporting!


Why is it not "Celles que de ce magasin sont beaucoup plus chères?"

Any comments?


Even translating literally, "the ones that from this store" does not make sense.


While "de ce" literally means "of this/that", it is much more likely that I/English would use "in this" than the suggested "from this".

I would only describe an item as being "from this shop" if it had already been removed from the shop ("I bought it from that shop").

In this case it seems the items are in the shop since we are still discussing the price.


"The ones in this store are way more expensive" was accepted.


They could have already been bought. It is also common to use "from" to refer to items for sale in a shop.


"... much more expensive" is accepted.

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