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Bunch of skills added to the French tree just now!!! Tons of new stuffs to learn!!! Je t'aime Duo!

July 9, 2020



I like to make my trees all golden. When they re-designed the old French tree I was halfway through the tree and had to restart basically from scratch.

In the new tree, I was on level 5 in sections 1 to 6, on level 3 (50% of the skills) and 4 (50%) in section 7, and all level 2 in section 8. Overall, I had finished 89% of the levels in the course.

Sections 1 to 6 are still golden. Duo increased the number of skills in section 7 from 15 to 26, and reset all skills to level 0. In section 8, they increased the number from 19 to 22. Strangely, two levels were changed from level 2 to 4, and seven were changed from 2 to 3. The rest is on level 2 as before. Overall, I'm down from 89% to 79%. Every time I get close to finishing my golden tree, they move the finish line. Very frustrating.

I could simply walk away, but to me that would feel like leaving a job unfinished. I am sure many of you can relate to that.


Yesterday, I had 90%+ of tree done, and just 15 skills to go. Today my tree is disorganized, some skills I've done deleted and numerous new skills added etc. A general skill button wants to practise new sentences I've never seen before ;/ Total disruption.


I sympathize with people learning French under this new model. It's not helpful to have the tree reorganized so many times in the middle of learning a new language. I don't know what the app is like anymore, but I am thankful I learned the bulk of my French under the old system. After I got my French owl the first time, most of my daily practice exercises came from the advanced grammar skills. Although I had finished the tree, I was still learning new things every day just by doing practice exercises. Unfortunately, those skills do not exist anymore so I don't even know how useful the site is after you finally finish your tree.


do they often add new lessons ?


When I started Duo there were 142 skills ( about a year ago), in winter they added some new skills, in total 158 skills.


I can relate. I could have finished the tree in 5 days (according to Duome) when they redesigned it last year. Now I was getting close again when they added this new section.

I don't really mind. I want to keep learning French. That would be harder if I finished Duo and had to find another platform. I was going to go to a nearby university, but that's expensive and pretty much impossible with the lockdown still in effect.


I also don't mind at all! But it would be better if they let us (those who have already passed Checkpoint 7) to finish the whole tree, then add new staff. That's all about psychology, motivation and keeping morale high!


I want to continue learning French, too, and I don't want to leave the platform either. But I won't go back to the French tree after I finish it. Duo is a good way to get started with a new language, but once you have reached a certain level, I think you have to move on and use other resources to improve your language skills.

I already work a lot with French textbooks, grammar books and online resources other than Duolingo. Recently, I also started reading French newspapers and novels, and watching French movies (undubbed, with French subtitles).

On Duolingo, I am going to concentrate on Chinese again. I did the first level of the official Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK 1) at the Confucius Institute in Heidelberg three years ago and would like to reach level 3. I will also repeat some of the more adavanced skills of the Czech tree. It is all golden, but I still need a lot of practice. Finally, I am going to learn some Dutch. I have Dutch friends and I would like to talk to them in their own language.


i had a few lessons to get a french trophy and now they added a lot of new lessons.


Great! More to learn... Right...?

I mean, isn't that more important than a picture of an owl on your screen?


For me, the more skills the better - imagine you can reach C2 level just by hunkering down on Duolingo every day! Conversely, focusing too much on the gamification part of Duolingo kind of misses the point here, which is that it's ultimately a language learning platform. Like always finishing just one lesson a day, just so to "keep the flame lit"?


Thanks for your response on all of these updates! I looked at your link!


It's great to see the new modules as there's always so much to learn. What's not so great is the poor quality control in some of the modules. Some are accepting very few alternative translations and others have simply bad English sentences. How to help? I think that Duolingo should invite English native-speakers to help with the testing. Sure we wouldn't be able to correct the French side, but we could help correct some of the bad English and generate acceptable alternatives. This process should be relatively simple to automate and ease the workload on the moderators who generally do a great job. What do others think?


There's so little text involved really, I'm surprised they don't have an English proofreader.


Where were the new skills added? I'm working through level 3 and I don't see any changes. Though on the iphone version there's new skills tests for tenses (been there for a few weeks now), which are not offered on the desktop (browser).

Also I've noticed in the iPhone version only, each skill now goes to 6 - with the sixth test being a review which covers the tests you missed and "the hardest ones". None of that is in the browser versions.


after checkpoint 6


They should fix the existing ones before adding more! The course is highly inconsistent as it is right now. Plus I think it was overblown already. Fewer lessons with more sentences would be more sufficient. Right now I'm repeating variations of only a handful sentences over and over and over and over and over again


What about it is inconsistent? Also, if you feel that things are getting repetitive, you can simply test out of the skill.


Just to give you two recent examples from today and yesterday: 1. Sometimes "etragere" and "bibliotheque" are accepted interchangably for bookshelf, sometimes they aren't. Exactly the same with "Sur la plage" and "a la plage". 2. There are a lot of sentences where the word order in English is only accepted if it matches the word order of the French original, regardless if it is correct (or sometimes even more natural) in English the other way round. And so on... You are completely right about testing out, that is what I try to do most of the time. However, it can be extremely annoying when your test fails because of these inconsistencies. And it's not only me, the threads are full with discussions about these inconsistencies. The only thing you can be sure of is that an "arrondissement" is not a "district", and that it is completely useless to try and argue against it.


Amazing! Time to update course data, hahhah! :D http://ardslot.com/duolingocrowns.html


Lots of English translation mistakes in the new modules just added. This one made me laugh: 'to log out, click the bottom to the right'. Can't a native English speaker go through them all in advance?


After checkpoint 6, there is 26 new lessons!

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