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"Il y a des rayures seulement sur les manches."

Translation:There are stripes only on the sleeves.

July 9, 2020



I put "there are only stripes on the sleeves" and it was accepted, but can someone tell me if the two different translations are correct, or would the word order change in French?


"There are only stripes on the sleeves." => "Il y a seulement des rayures sur les manches." or "Il n'y a que des rayures sur les manches."

"There are stripes only on the sleeves." => "Il y a des rayures seulement sur les manches." or "Il n'y a de rayures que sur les manches."


Thank you - so it is just the placement of seulement that determines the word order in English.


In both languages, an adverb which is modifying a noun phrase is placed immediately before that noun phrase.

The placement of adverbs which modify a verb is more complex. In English it is placed before the verb, in French it is placed after the conjugated verb. But both languages allow, in certain circumstances, certain types of adverbs to be placed at the beginning or end of the sentence/clause.

Confusion can arise because, in French, as in "Il y a seulement des rayures sur les manches." the adverb placement is both before a noun and after the conjugated verb. It is my understanding that in such circumstances the noun takes priority.

Bear in mind that, like you, I'm still learning this stuff!


Excellent. It seems so clear and obvious now. Merci, GraemeSarg


But did you notice that "des" becomes "de" when negated? 😉


"Only stripes on .." has a different meaning to "stripes only on" and "stripes on only". I think ppkzH80V was alluding to this. I would also like to know if the form "seulement rayures sur" is the correct translation of the first one.


Thank you - you put it much clearer than me.


Wrong pronunciation at slow one


Seriously, I cant ubderstand him. Is this a true accentuated french accent or is it to make an i.pression on the American language

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