"Tes nouvelles chaussures argentées sont géniales."

Translation:Your new silver-colored shoes are great.

July 9, 2020

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If I were to talk of shoe colour I would say they are "silver shoes" I would probably never say they were silver coloured. AND would never expect them to be made of the metal Silver. Alors, Would you say "I'm going to buy red coloured shoes", but you would say "I'm going to buy red shoes" soon we will be arguing over the hyphen as well as the spelling of coloured. Drop the coloured it's not necessary.


"ses nouvelles chaussures argentées sont géniales." Accepted !! Just as well - I could barely make out the difference - even after several reruns at normal speed.


My 'des' was not accepted!


"Silver coloured" marked wrong. " "Silver colored" is right. This is too much

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