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"Il va se reposer dans le fauteuil que je préfère."

Translation:He is going to rest in the armchair that I prefer.

July 9, 2020



We call it a lounge chair in Austraia but I was marked wrong


Hi Mistermoo,
My parents' generation called them lounge chairs but my daughter's generation refers to them as arm chairs (in Vic.).


Although my answer, "... rest on the armchair ..." was accepted, I was given a gentle correction that the 'correct' answer is "... rest 'in' the armchair ...". However, at least in US english, we almost never use 'in' for furniture. We almost always say, "on the couch", "on the armchair" etc. Perhaps, the actual correct answer answer above should change to reflect that? Or is "in the armchair" idiomatic in other anglophone regions?


Personally, I sit IN an armchair because the arms surround me but I sit ON a bench, a chair, a couch, a sofa, a bed.


Agreed, but the main thing for me here is the idea the use of "rest" rather than "sit". I would say, "he can rest wherever he wants to but he can't sit in my chair!" :) (Canuck)


Rest ON is correct and not IN besides this platform is to learn french not English. In or on doesn't change the meaning and should be accepted


One of the interesting -- bemusing, even -- things about learning another language (French) is that I tend to then ponder about how I use my own first language (English).

To wit: IN or ON?

I'll sit on a sofa and I'll sit on a bench. But "why don't you sit in that chair?" at the dining table. And that big, comfy thing over in the corner? I think I'll sit there, in that chair. But a single, lonely, wooden chair without arms, naked amongst its upholstered cousins? Well, I'll sit on that chair.

Dr Seuss's task wasn't finished before he headed off into the sunset.


He is going to rest in my favourite armchair ...not accepted!!!

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