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"Strange! The new museum is still closed, although it is already ready."

Translation:Outoa! Uusi museo on vielä kiinni, vaikka se on jo valmis.

July 9, 2020



Can also be said "...yhä kiinni..."


I would say that yhä kiinni is a better expression.


Can anyone tell me the rule for the partitive use here? Why can't I say 'Outo!'?


The singular nominative of that adjective is indeed outo. Some examples:

  • Uusi museo on outo : The new museum is strange (here the adjective describes the subject)
  • Outo museo on kiinni : The strange/odd museum is closed (here the adjective is used as an attribute to the subject)

What if the adjective is in the object?

  • Näin oudon museon : I saw a strange museum (here the adjective attribute is part of a total object, my seeing was a complete action)
  • Näin jotain outoa : I saw something strange (here the adjective itself is the object and since you are not specifying what you saw, the action cannot be complete, we use the partial object)

But in this exercise?

Here the adjective is used as an interjection, an exclamation, and since you are not specifying what you regard as strange, it is in the partitive.

Some common interjections like this one:

  • Mahtavaa! : Awesome!
  • Hienoa! : Great!
  • Ihanaa! : Wonderful/lovely!
  • Ihmeellistä! : Amazing!


translation sounds awkward

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