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"Anteeksi, onko tuo rakennus museo?"

Translation:Excuse me, is that building a museum?

July 9, 2020



"Anteeksi, onko tuo rakennus museo?" Translation: Excuse me, is that building a museum? Why is the use of the definite article (the) wrong and the indefinite article correct?


"It that building the museum" would be "Onko tuo rakennus se museo". Using the definite article means that it's something that has been referred to previously. "Se" carries the same meaning. It's often not necessary because of word order or grammatical case, and sometimes it can be ambiguous whether a noun is definite or indefinite. I reckon that it is not ambiguous here.


Can you also say: Onko museo tuo rakennus?


That would mean "Is the museum that building?".


Both are correct in different contexts!

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