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  5. "Huone on sotkuinen."

"Huone on sotkuinen."

Translation:The room is messy.

July 9, 2020



'the room is a mess' should also be accepted


In English, 'The room is messy' and 'The room is dirty' do in fact mean the same thing, but it was marked as incorrect.


Actually, they are not the same, although they often accompany one another. When my kids were small, my house was always messy, but I was able to keep it from being dirty.


Sounds quite a bit like my flat. ;) Finnish makes the same distinction. We also have two words that work as the opposites although in English it's sometimes possible to use "clean" for both.

  • Onko se likainen vai puhdas? Is it dirty or clean?
  • Onko se sotkuinen vai siisti? Is it messy or tidy?


I think messy, dirty and chaotic should be akzepted

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