"Si la boucherie est fermée, nous y irons demain."

Translation:If the butcher shop is closed, we will go there tomorrow.

July 9, 2020

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It's 'butcher's shop' not 'butcher shop' because it is the shop that belongs to the butcher. In fact in everyday conversation I would drop the word shop and just say 'if the butcher's is closed we'll go tomorrow'. I would like to learn french the way it is spoken in everyday conversation, so I hope this helps someone learning english how this sentence would be said in everyday conversation.


I would always say butcher's shop. To me, butcher shop is ugly and I've never heard it in the uK.


To any non-native English speakers reading this - although the pronoun 'y' (there) is required in French for this kind of construction, it's absolutely not obligatory in English. In fact, I would suggest it's more natural not to use this pronoun in spoken English and personally would say "If the butcher's is closed, we'll go tomorrow" every time.


For anybody learning French instead of British, be sure to translate y as "there". This will demonstrate that you are learning the French language.


No, Duo, butchery is not a typo!


in the UK we say the butchers

  • 1809

How shall it be when a store is shutdown (which is permanently closed, not to open again tomorrow)?

I searched this and found both "fermer" and "arreter" are used. I think "arreter" means "close business", and "fermé" may cause confusion. May any confirmation/correction from real french-speaking people please?


It is Butcher's shop in Engish. The shop belongs to the butcher.

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