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  5. "Kyllä, herra Pöllö!"

"Kyllä, herra Pöllö!"

Translation:Yes, Mr. Pöllö!

July 9, 2020



It was Pöllönen before, but now it's Pöllö... I already have a reflex to write Pöllönen after previous lessons



"Pöllö" is "owl" in Finnish. "-nen" (Pöllönen) is a common suffix in surnames, as is "-la/lä" (Pöllölä). You often meet people with nature-themed last names.

"kivi" - stone, rock

"Tyyne Kivi"

"Otso Kivinen"

"Aino Kivelä"


Those of us without accented letter on our keyboards need the buttons to type ö in this exercise. This happens often in the translation exercises when there is a name with accented letters. I usually cut and paste the name from the Finnish sentence, but cutting and pasting isn't the best way to practice.


You are totally right! But if I'm correct, you can use the buttons (Shift + " + O/A) to make that letter. If not, maybe they should add like a button and if you click it you can choose between letters like ä, ö, æ, ø, etc.


e.e.sutton: You can learn shortcuts on how to type the Swedish/Finnish letters using Windows or Mac, or change the keyboard layout temporarily. There are instructions in Swedish on this page (use Google translate unless the images are good enough): https://www.enkelteknik.se/svenska-bokstaver-med-engelskt-tangentbord

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