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  5. "Where is the meat?"

"Where is the meat?"

Translation:Missä liha on?

July 9, 2020



I have consulted Finns, and they have all said that the 'on' can be placed right after the missä or at the end of the sentence. In my first Finnish class, here in Finland, I was taught both ways.


Yeah, it's true. You can report it if Duolingo doesn't accept "on" before the subject yet. I think (on Duolingo tips) there was something about definite and indefinite articles being expressed with the word order but I have never thought about that before (and not sure if we actually do that or not, I need to pay more attention on that :D), and I don't think you can even say "Where is a meat?" in English, so that shouldn't be the issue here either.


I suppose you could say 'where is (some) meat', though I would probably then use 'where can I find (some) meat' or something like that.


I think that would use the partitive case, 'Missä on lihaa?'

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