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"Me ihailemme sinistä taivasta ja yhtä pientä valkoista pilveä."

Translation:We are admiring the blue sky and the one small, white cloud.

July 9, 2020



We admire should be accepted as well.


and "Little" as well.

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Isn't admiring an ongoing activity, though? You cannot just cast a quick glance at something and admire it, you have to keep looking at it for a while.


But one can admire a person so why not the blue sky?

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There are two somewhat different meanings of ”admire”.

Admiring a person is a general lasting attitude, you admire a person for what they have achieved, because they are great people, great musicians, etc. You don’t have to be looking at that person while you say that you admire them.

With the sky, you are admiring the more or less fleeting appearance of the sky at a particular point in time. Within minutes, clouds might obscure the blue sky. Plus you are actively standing/sitting somewhere and directly looking at the sky. You are not talking to your friend and say, I generally admire the blue sky because it is always so uplifting. But you could say that about a person.


saying "the one small, white cloud" would mean that there is only one small white cloud in the entire sky. That is not likely the case. but to say you are watching one small, white cloud would mean that one small white cloud in particular has caught your attention. It could be a unique shape or isolated from other clouds. something about that cloud stood out from the other clouds. I think "We are admiring the blue sky and one small, white cloud" should be accepted.


no need for the ... cloud


"We admire the blue sky and one small white cloud" should be accepted. There's no need for the second "the". I know English grammar very well.


We admire blue sky and one small white cloud.

Why is that not correct? It should be. Duolingo pays way much attention to tiny insignificant details in translation. I can translate the sentence correct and I understand the meaning. But it's not correct due to only lack of 'the' before nouns and present simple instead of present continuous? That's ridiculous. It's not English grammar we're using this course for.


Hi Nordvind. To me it needs to be either -the blue sky- or -a blue sky-. The course can also be used by Finns to learn English, so attention to the English is warranted.

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