"J'aime beaucoup le col du pull que tu tricotes."

Translation:I really like the collar of the sweater you are knitting.

July 9, 2020

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Does 'beaucoup' really translate to 'really' here? I'm surprised not to see vraiment as an option.


I think that it is an idiomatic expression, something that doesn't translate very well.


Why not I really like the sweater collar?


"I like the collar of the the sweater that you are knitting very much. " was not accepted. I was unsure where to put the "very much" and obviously Duo didn't like it.


Could anybody please let me know why aimer beaucoup means really like? Most dictionary says to love a lot and not really like.


I think that they are trying to put things in coloquial terms because it is the tu form.


My question is what do they mean by the sweater's collar? It is awkward to me. I think that it should be neck. I guess that is just as confusing

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