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"Che numero porta la sua amica?"

Translation:What size does her friend wear?

May 14, 2013



Could it mean "What number is her friend wearing? " if she was running in a race??


I totally agree, should be accepted.


'la sua' is 'his' or 'her' (possessive) as well as 'your' (polite)? Why is 'her friend' wrong?


Good catch! Fixed :)


Numero can mean "size" too?


'Her friend' is not wrong?! (DL accepted this for me) It can both be 'her friend' or 'his friend', because the person the question is asked to can either be a man or a woman. (Please feel welcome to correct me when I am wrong, Italian-speaking-people...)

You say 'la sua' amica (than you talk about a girl-friend) or 'il suo' amico (boy-friend) ....watch the 'a' or 'o' at the end of amico/amica...

Oh well, the polite form is written with a capital, as far as I have seen. 'La Sua'/ 'Il Suo' (native speakers can maybe help out in this part of your question?!)

In Italian 'Il suo/la sua' refers to the friend, and not (like in my language) to the person the question is asked to.


In English we say "take", don't we? Not wear or have.


Usually size = "taglia". What is the difference with "numero"? Does "numero" just refer to shoe size?


Could this also be translated to ask what number is the door of his friend?

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