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  5. "– Onko kahvila auki? – On."

" Onko kahvila auki? On."

Translation:– Is the café open? – It is.

July 9, 2020



Cafe should be accepted.


I hate the conversation fragments... They just sound incorrect with only one voice.


I'm confused by the "on"at the end of the question.Why is this "onko kahvila auki on?" and not just "onko kahvila auki?"


"Onko kahvila auki?" is a complete sentence, and it's a question. The verb is the first "on", seen here with the question suffix "-ko". The second "on" is a separate one-word sentence and is the answer to the question.

I don't think "onko kahvila auki on" would be a grammatical sentence.

Some languages (Mandarin, Welsh?) don't really have a straightforward word for yes and use the verb from the question to answer it. Finnish has "kyllä" but looks like it does the verb thing as well.

You can do this in English too:

"Is the café open?" "It is."

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