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"I am drinking coffee and listening to the five small birds, which are singing in the tree."

Translation:Juon kahvia ja kuuntelen viittä pientä lintua, jotka laulavat puussa.

July 9, 2020



Ihaila is to admire, not to listen to. The question does not offer a translation.

[deactivated user]


    Just a question, in previous examples, whenever a number was used, for example five birds, the verb after was in the 3rd person singular. Why is it 3rd person plural in this sentence? Is it because the five birds are not the subject of the sentence?


    I was wondering this as well. It seems that jotka is the subject of the clause, and is plural. So I guess that, even though numerals take a singular verb in the main clause, pronouns referring to them are plural? Would this hold for he too, if the sentence were broken up? Like this: "...kuuntelen viittä pientä lintua. He laulavat puussa.


    The part with “jotka” is basically a separate sentence- “jotka laulavat”. It is still five birds, so it is plural, whether you use jotka or ne (he is for people). The reason for singular verbs after numbers is that in Finnish, like in some other languages, it is the number that the verb coordinates with and that is the subject, and the nouns attached to it sort of describe what that number is, although there are exceptions to that rule too. I don’t know if this makes sense the way I describe it, this can be super confusing for English speakers.


    "Ihailla" is not "listen to". I wrote "Minä juon kahvia ja kuuntelen viittä pientä lintua jotka laulavat puussa", and got a wrong (and maybe there is something wrong), but there is a mistake in the "correct" answer for sure. Reported.


    Your answer was entirely correct, even if the app disagrees for now. :)


    Listen...not admire??


    This is so friking hard cmon


    This is wrong - if the sentence is 'listening' it should be 'kuuntelen', not 'ihailen'!!!

    Once again, big mistake from the developers of this app


    Oh, as if you'd never made a mistake. :) Best just to report these so that they are eventually fixed.


    Quite a comment from you! I will report your answer. Have nice day, pieni chilipalko


    Mukavaa päivänjatkoa sullekin! :)

    I just don't see the point of being overly angry about the mistakes. They are unfortunate, of course, and could be fixed faster. But the best course of action, in my opinion, is to just keep reporting them, NOT shouting about them in the comments. Some people leave several comments about the same thing under the same thread with lots of exclamation marks, angry words etc., and I just find that a bit irritating.


    'Oh, as you never made a mistake' is not very constructive answer, so keep your personal irritations to yourself in the future.


    Don't worry I've just experimented that these "contributors" are easily irritable. Maybe they are stressed


    This course is not made by the Duolingo staff, but community contributors.


    Yes, obviously. I can see that.

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