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"Why would you adopt a dolphin?"

Translation:Pourquoi est-ce que vous adopteriez un dauphin ?

July 9, 2020



What is the difference (if any) in meaning between tu voudrais adopter and tu adoperais?


tu voudrais adopter = you would like to adopt. tu adopterais = you would adopt


Pourquoi adopteriez-vous un dauphin ? Voilà de l'excellent français. Complètement superflu, et surtout inutile, d'ajouter le "est-ce-que ". Cela ne fait qu'alourdir la syntaxe. SVP. Simplifier et corriger ça. Le français est ma langue maternelle.


Tu voudrais adopter = you would like to adopt ( you would want to adopt) .... Tu adopterais = you would adopt. But I'm not an expert so needs a confirmation from a native.


My answer: Pourquoi adopterais-tu un dauphin? not accepted! I understand the need to invert after 'pourquoi" but not the necessity to use est-ce que...

There is more than one way to ask a question in French.


Duo should (but doesn't) accept "Pourquoi est-ce qu'on adopterait un dauphin?" since the question seems most likely to be asked in the abstract. Anyone see problems with this?

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