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"We get up quickly, because the bears are near."

Translation:Me nousemme nopeasti ylös, koska karhut ovat lähellä.

July 9, 2020



I don't think the order of nopeasti ylös matters here (get up quickly, quickly get up) but Duolingo marks it wrong unless it's in their prescribed form.


Ylös is not obligatory because the verb nousta already means to get up.


But it's very common to include either "ylös" (up) or "seisomaan" (standing). "Nousta" (rise) by itself often sounds like the person, animal, thing etc. just keeps on rising, floating away somewhere. If the context is specific enough, like e.g. someone has tried to get you out of bed for the last thirty minutes, and finally you give in and shout "Mä nousen!" then you wouldn't need the "ylös", of course.


And Duolingo rarely has context in its phrases, so it should accept the phrase without ylös.


Thanks ... I was confused about why the verb 'to get up' had to have the word for 'up' appended. It seemed unnecessary, but this helps to explain it.

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