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"J'adore tous les soutiens-gorge de ce magasin."

Translation:I love all the bras from this store.

July 9, 2020



What is wrong with I love all this shop's bras


I agree, since de ce magasin is the French possessive. I always get confused by the apostrophe. Should it be shop's or shops'?

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this shop's bras; these shops' bras


why is "of this store" rejected?


How is soutiens-gorge the plural of soutien-gorge and not soutiens-gorges ? I know there is only one throat but one bra, many bras and un soutien-gorge, plusieurs soutiens-gorges or plusieurs soutiens-gorge? What's right? Both? Only one? Help!


French does not seem to have a standard or a convention for hyphenated nouns. Different nouns pluralise in different ways. I think you just have to learn it by rote.


It would be the same in English if we called it a throat-support. It would be more than one support. In English, we say mothers-in-law, since there's more than one mother, not more than one law.

Then we confuse things by saying mother-in-law's jacket, even though the jacket doesn't belong to the law, so the possessive can be weird in English. It's the jacket of my mother-in-law. But plurals don't generally break that rule.

That is, unless you use an abbreviation that leaves out the primary noun, such as in-laws.


Why does bra translate to "throat support?"


DUO-lingo is an exercise in containing ones anger.


Why is " ....of this store"? marked WRONG? Please explain in very understandable English


Mr Duo "I love all of this store's bras" If there is one more correct than the other than this is more correct than your version.

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