"Des ours sont sous la tente, laisse-les-y et cours !"

Translation:Some bears are under the tent, leave them there and run!

July 9, 2020

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Bears would be in a tent, not under one.


Underground tunneling bears. Just what the world needs.


"In" and "inside" are also accepted.

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    I'm pretty sure one says under a circus tent, as in under the big top.

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    In French, do you normally do things "under a tent" (as if it were a kind of makeshift roof only) rather than in a tent. I mean, would you also say, "on dort sous la tente" instead of "on dort dans la tente"?

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    Is "SOUS le tente" one of the options, or the most recommended one?

    In another exercise (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/41831791), duo uses "dans" for sleeping in the tent".


    Laissez-les-ygrek is being said for this formula consistently. Annoying.


    This is annoying indeed, especially since it seems to show that nobody checks the audio before it is put on line.


    I don't think I'd hang about long enough to say "Some" bears were in the tent. More likely, "Bears are in the tent! Run for it!"

    I compromised, and wrote. "Bears are in the tent, leave them there and run." This interpretation was acceptable to Duo.


    Had the bears burrowed underground beneath the tent or had someone pitched the tent over their den. If not then they would be "IN" the tent not under.


    I agree but I actually prefer that they use the words that would be used in a French sentence. It helps me when I'm going from English to French. If they hadn't used "under the tent" in this example I would used "dans" instead of "sous" if I was translating the English sentence to French. It the same as when they say, It makes hot instead of it's hot.


    Maybe the tent is not up yet and the bears are under it as it lies on the ground?


    The voice says 'Laisse les y Greque' helpful for dictation but not correct for spoken french


    d'après mon ouïe et les dires que j'ai entendus, y a un truc qui cloche avec le son, surtout entre les mots < ours > et < sont > pas vous tous aussi ?


    Perhaps it's a tent on legs!

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