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"They are sitting on the ground."

Translation:Ne istuvat maassa.

July 9, 2020



Why "ne" for they? It's entirely unclear what "they" refers to here, people or animals or objects.


If you wrote "He istuvat maassa" it should also be accepted. If it isn't, report and it should be added as a possible answer.


It's also unclear what "ne" refers to. It could be any of those things, including people.

[deactivated user]

    "Ne" is also used of people in speech.


    My guess is that because it's a section about animals. In any event, they now mark he as a typo instead of incorrect.


    if "maassa" means "on the ground" how would you say "in the ground"? I would have thought "on the ground" would be "maalla" and "in the ground" "maassa" ...


    In a purely semantic sense, you are correct, but different languages have a tendency to conceptualise things differently. "In the ground" would be either "maan sisällä" (inside the ground) or "maan alla" (under the ground) in Finnish. "Maalla" is likely to be interpreted as "in the countryside".


    Does it depend on the verb? One sits/istua on the ground, but to grow/kasvaa is to be in the ground. That's my best guess based on the questions and their answers so far.


    Do we need a he or ne? Isn't " istuvat maassa " correct?


    Yes we do. Third person subjects generally can't be omitted.


    Thanks, Kristian.

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