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  5. "Musti on musta."

"Musti on musta."

Translation:Musti is black.

July 9, 2020



Would this also be a name for a white dog?


Yeah, it can be a name for a dog of any color. It's the most popular and one of the older dog names in Finland.


Can musti be used on a person to refer to his/her skin tone?


No, "Musti" itself is only a dog name. Basically you can use "musta" (the color) to refer to someone's skin tone but we usually avoid saying that as it has a bit more negative tone to it than saying "black person" in English. We usually prefer saying "tummaihoinen", literally meaning "dark-skinned", and it can be shortened to "tumma" ("dark").


If you say Musti to a dark-skinned person in finland it is maybe little racist.

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